March 07, 2012

More from the SFMOMA Missed Connection Chronicles

Yesterday was Free Tuesday at SFMOMA:

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  • Chris Cobb says:

    In The Game by Neil Strauss, one of the pick up artists is called “the Juggler.” The Juggler wrote a text several years ago about how to pick up women and took a friend of his to SFMOMA to demonstrate his techniques. A woman was looking at a painting but seemed tired. So he chatted her up and then sat on a bench nearby. She said something to him and then, feeling comfortable with him, she came over and sat down too. He took that opportunity to tell her he not only loved art but he could read palms as well. She asked him if he could read hers, tell her fortune, etc. Then he slowly held her hand in his and tracing the various lines in her hand explained their meanings. How long she would live, if she was ever going to be married, if she would ever find “the One,” etc. And as he held her hand his friend suddenly walked up, breaking the moment. I forget what painting they were looking at.

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