September 30, 2010

Tonight in the Wattis! - Paul Clipson presents THE ELEMENTS

Tonight @ 7 p.m., Paul Clipson presents an extensive show of his work in Super-8 and 16mm in SFMOMA’s Phyllis Wattis Theater:

Images from an untitled film by Paul Clipson

In previous posts I’ve waxed eloquent thusly:

“Experimental filmmaker Paul Clipson, who modifies the Dionysian-Romantic vision and cinematic practice of Stan Brakhage and Bruce Baillie by a remote, Apollonian, graphically powerful precision, has been making Super-8 works with various musical collaborators for several years, over which time he’s built up a massive body of work …  (Clipson’s is a) formidable aesthetic project … From the depths of his hidden lair, this latter-day Fantômas seeks to convert audiences to a cult of orgasmic beauty, in which mind, eyes, body, and soul are united in ecstatic trance … Clipson is one of the major filmmakers working today.”

One might ask why I haven’t prevailed upon myself to come up with fresh wax — but really, glance at the accompanying images and you’ll know the answer to this question: what proper response to Paul’s films is there other than awe?

This will be the first time the Wattis Theater head projectionist puts on a show devoted to his work on his own turf. He’ll be ably aided by his frequent musical collaborators, including a live performance by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Portraits. Come see the Minotaur at the center of his labyrinth! Expect complete synesthetic-cinécstasy!

UNION by Paul Clipson

UNION by Paul Clipson

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