August 05, 2010

75 Reasons to Live: Anne Walsh on Unknown/Untitled

Anne Walsh is a visual artist. (And former Open Space columnist!) I can’t resist offering a bit of program back-story on her selection of this untitled picture by an unknown photographer: When I asked our speakers to participate, I sent them long lists  of every work expected to be on view during the Anniversary weekend, that is, hundreds and hundreds of objects and pictures. Anne was one of two speakers who deliberated carefully—well into the eleventh hour—on their selection. At the last possible second before sending our program to print, and after frantic begging and pleading on my part, I got emails from each of the two deliberators, not an hour apart. After weeks of consideration, and unbeknownst to each other, they’d both decided on this tiny, unusual thing. The other speaker was Sam Green. Posting both videos today. Look for Sam’s here, in just a bit.


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