February 07, 2010

1001 Words: 02.07.10

*an ongoing series of individual images presented for speculation and scrutiny, with only tags at the bottom to give context. Because sometimes words are never enough…

Comments (4)

  • Stephanie Syjuco says:

    so right!

  • Vance Maverick says:

    Well, if we weren’t the sort of people who need to respond to pictures that are worth thousands of words by adding even more words to them, we probably wouldn’t be here. (here’s that other link)

  • Stephanie Syjuco says:

    that works, thank you!
    technically, there is a link embedded in the image but you have to rummage for it. for better or for worse, i’ve been trying to present this image series without context to see what types of thoughts it conjures on its own terms. but audience participation/linkages/speculation is welcome.

  • Vance Maverick says:

    How about a link?

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