November 17, 2009

Pieces From Living Rooms

George Schneeman, <i><i><i>;Chiusure</i></i></i>, egg tempura on wood, 2006

George Schneeman, Chiusure, egg tempura on wood, 2006

Tim Davis, <i><i><i>Magnolia</i></i></i></i>, photograph, 2005

Tim Davis, Magnolia, photograph, 2005

Collection of Bill Berkson & Constance Lewallen

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  • Sure, I remember that Stephanie had said she was interested in all of the bloggers posting works we lived with. I have always had a weakness for smaller works, one of a kind books, etc. the sorts of gifts that are so often bestowed upon poets. It makes the living room feel like a temple. especially when its very clean and the light is pouring in

  • Oh, that light on the photograph is in the original photo? Funny trick of how hard it is to see this and read it for what it is on the internet, I unfairly thought it was a problem of taking the snapshot from in front of the couch or what have you—ie, where that ‘wrong’ light is coming from is hard to read

  • *Magnolia*

  • I love this, would love to see more of these—can we see two from your house too?

  • I just thought well. there is so much art in rooms most people never see. Is the light coming down upon or rising up from the white rose? I like the idea of an invitation to show two pieces you live with. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Alicia McCarthy painting over our blue couch. Its a nice place to live sometimes. The idea is based on a show Micah Ballard put on as his short lived Lew gallery. It was his office at New College. He put on a show called Some Of The Worlds Diamonds: Pieces From Living Rooms. Some of the artists that contributed well loved works were Sara Cain, Will Yackulic, Larry Rinder, Bill Berkson too. So I thought I would ask him again.

  • Frank Lostaunau says:


  • Hey Cedar, do you know anything more / can you say something more about that Tim Davis photo?

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