November 08, 2009


Dirt princess seeks unicorn for woodland frolic, I’ll put some shine on that horn…..Desperately seeking Sugar! Hi Sugar, I miss you lady. If yr around and want some awkward conversation call me…..FTMS- Are you feeling the rush of the roids? Wish you could afford a hooker? Call me anytime. I’m into being a worn out mattress. I’ll do it for free. 24 hour service…..DON’T BUY IT! Did you know? Triclosan is an anti-germicide you can find in anything from toothpaste to dish soap, it’s actually a derivative of agent orange! Avoid!…..WANTED: Foreign Coins. Bring them to Adobe books and trade them for a book…..SLOT MACHINES + POOLS OF CHIFFON. Looking for a tender buffalo to bicycle around with. You think cute butts when you hear alley……Central Y troll seeking new haunts. Will remove dentures…..PARANORMAL CHAT LINE 24 HRS “THE VORTEX”…..Free tiny saw blades-Will mail anywheres. I found them on the street, they are for jewelry making or ? The company name is Rio Grande, they are spiral saw blades, size 3, made in Germany. I have heard they are pricey……FTM LOOKING FOR DATES. Wrestling, 420 and cats will be integral. Interested in getting this party started?….NEED TO TRANSGRESS REALITY? JOIN THE EPHEMERALISTS! THE WORLD WE ARE FORCED TO INHABIT IS A FRAUD!…Artist seeking big freezer or refrigerator to borrow to make massive soppy arrangements, I’ll return it clean.

Baitline is issued by Sy Wagon If you are in need please contact sywagon@gmail or write to BAITLINE!!! 70 Richland San Francisco CA. 94110

Photos for this post were taken by John Huston

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