September 25, 2009

1001 words: 09.25.09

In the spirit of this being a blog connected to an art museum, this post inaugurates a new series of sorts: individual images presented for speculation and scrutiny, with only tags at the bottom to give context. Because sometimes words are never enough…


(thank you Lilledeshan Bose for sending me the image)

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  • I wonder what the labor investment is in making this woven object vs a pair of factory sneakers, and I wonder as Maru does what the price of this bag is. Also, do we know who is intended to buy it? I assume certainly it has been produced for the amusement (?) of tourists; SS do you know how many of these objects are floating around as tourist pitched commodities in the phillipines?

  • Well I’m just coming back to the post now- thanks for the info Stephanie, I can see how the original tags did identify the object as something maybe stumbled upon by a tourist in that specific locale, the craft/handicraft tags vs. art object. Another take on the conceptual art experience. I also like thinking about the motivation of the one who made the craft… was it offered up in the spirit of “you can’t afford a real Nike bag, but at least you can have my almost-as-good-as bag” or was it considered better than the real thing? What was the cost anyway? what was on the shelf next to it? hmmm…. anyway I like looking at objects and making leaps from there, works for me. thx.
    I wonder, in future posts, how clear the source of the object will be? anyway, will it even always be objects? Images without more than a few words may be difficult to categorize when we already suffer a glut of images, but then again that may be the intrigue… I wonder if I will hit a wall if I have questions about it that can’t be answered? Well, I am game for finding out.

  • Stephanie Syjuco says:

    I’d like to think that I leave enough clues in the tags so people can go on a “treasure hunt” of meaning in relation to the image. Perhaps the mystery of it (as Maru says) is a part of the intrigue. I’d love to hear more speculations and observations from viewers rather than more of my own words. I hope the images presented in 1001 Words will create a meandering path for the viewer on their own terms. This first attempt has made me realize that in future posts I’m going to refrain from answering any questions and let folks ruminate amongst themselves. I think it would be more fun and interesting that way… Let’s see what happens!

  • Frank Lostaunau says:

    I think that I might enjoy reading your posts SS but this stuff about controlling info is not something I want to deal with anymore.

  • Stephanie Syjuco says:

    I hate to give away some info, but I think it’s OK since it’s all related to the “tags” on the photo. Maru, I can tell you that my friend took this photo but she didn’t make the object. It actually exists and was for sale alongside other handicrafts in the Philippines.

  • photoshop…

  • Do you know who made it or was it sort of stumbled upon? Made by the one who submitted the image? in my book, unknown makes it more intriguing… kind of made then disowned by the maker… either way, known or unknown, still very cool 🙂

  • Duane Deterville says:

    That’s a trip! If this isn’t a great example of a guilty pleasure, I don’t know what is.

  • Stephanie Syjuco says:

    I think that’s the wondrousness of this image/object — it elicits so many push-pull responses. I, too, wish I had one!

  • I’m sure this image could be taken as a comment on consumerism and globalization. Is it bad that I want to own that backpack so much?

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