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Carlos Villa 1936–2013

03.24.2013  |  By
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Nobody wants to get that call, but at 3:41 am this morning I got it. Carlos Villa had passed away. I didn’t want to write an obituary, and so I am not mentioning his numerous awards and such – so this is not an obituary – OK?

It’s just that I had worked with him at the San Francisco Art Institute and saw how he had been a role model and father figure for so many students in the Bay Area and not saying something about that doesn’t seem right.

Also – it’s worth noting that while a cast of colorful charact... More

Kenny Dorham’s Cousin Is an Artist

12.15.2010  |  By

It’s often overlooked in the Bay Area, but the music scene and the art scene have always been closely connected. At 65, artist Mildred Howard knows that as good as anyone. She is also a good example of someone who has had numerous opportunities to move or relocate, but for her the music and family has helped keep her here. She is one of the quiet... More