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Shadows and the city

05.10.2010  |  By
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The word ‘shadowflage’ hasn’t been properly coined as far as we know, so for what it’s worth we’ll do so now. We’ve been interested in the art of camo for some time, but back in February while visiting Paris for the Smart City Conference we had occasion to visit an Italian academic who has devoted himself to the study of making things disappear in a slightly different way. In his cramped modernist flat with two young daughters running wild around the stuffed bookcases (and yelling in French and Italian for chocolate) he patiently explained how he’d spent the day on a freezing playground captivated by his own shadow—and the possibility of using ice-covered pebbles to make it disappear. He’d traveled to Africa specifically to watch the shadow cast on the ground by an eclipse. And he written an entire book on the subject of shadows, in which he observed that shadows are as much responsible for making things seem more themselves, as makeup makes the face more legible by ... More