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Patty Hearst’s Speech Acts

08.04.2012  |  By
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“Mum, Dad, tell the poor and oppressed people of this nation what the corporate state is about to do … That they’re about to be murdered … Tell the people that the energy crisis is nothing more than a means to get public approval for a massive program to build nuclear power plants all over the nation … Tell them, Dad, that the removal of ... More

Hardcore: Paul Schrader in the 70′s – 4

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This is pt. 4 and the conclusion of my contemplation of a theme drawn from Elliot Lavine’s typically-inspired grab-bag film series NOT NECESSARILY NOIR (sadly, now concluded), at the Roxie Theater (Click on highlighted sections for trailers, etc. Click here for pt.3, the previous entry in this series):

Meditating on Schrader and his work over... More