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04.25.2009  |  By
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Matt Keegan’s current show at the new Altman Siegel gallery at 49 Geary Street in San Francisco is smart, stylish, and very sweet.  The artist is intimately concerned with words and frames, how language shapes the context for perception, how social control hammers away at the psyche in the service of a skeletal hegemony.  Here his themes are postcards and calendars, which turn out to be mysterious enough to fill two good sized rooms.  Postcards and calendars: I’ve used them my whole life and never really bothered to think about them, but that’s like telling Peter Carl Faberge “I’ve had an egg for breakfast for the past 40 years but you, Mr. Faberge!”  (Indeed Matt Keegan, with his painstaking construction of multiple frames and perspectives, might have found lifelong employment in the House of Faberge in Romanov times, he might have done a beautiful one for the day Meryl Streep was presented to court.).  I went to the intensely crowded opening — so many young peo... More