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Visitor Flickr Photo(s) of the Week

12.17.2010  |  By
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Penelope Umbrico’s 5,377,183 Suns from Flickr (Partial) 4/28/09 is on view through January 16. This installation comprises 1,440 prints of photos of the sun taken by Flickr users, and the title of the work refers to the number of results returned for the Flickr search “sunsets” the day the artist produced the work. You can read more about the work at the artist’s website. I thought it would be fitting to make our own collection of pictures from Flickr of people in front of Suns from Flickr.

A big THANK YOU to t... More

Blood and tongues of fire: volcanos and the psychology in the sky

04.18.2010  |  By
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Europeans have been treated to a good show in the northern sky since Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting several days ago, floating ash into the sunsets of Scandinavia, Great Britain, Benelux and Germany. Sulfur dioxide and ash scatter more of the sun’s light and  absorb higher frequency lightwaves, leaving reds and purpl... More