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Erwin Wurm: The balance of desire

01.30.2009  |  By
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Just one more One Minute Sculpture video, to take you to the weekend. All the rest, here.


Erwin Wurm: Keep a cool head

01.29.2009  |  By
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Unsubstantiated office watercooler rumor has it that an especially exuberant visitor tried to fulfill Wurm’s “Keep a cool head” instructions to the letter of the law in ways that are, shall we say, incompatible with current museum policy. More One Minute Sculpture videos here.

And, tonight: The formal closing ceremony for Ant Farm... More

Erwin Wurm: Sigmund Freud’s Dream

01.26.2009  |  By
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Happy Monday! What did you dream about this weekend? Come down and try it yourself. More on Erwin Wurm & the One Minute Sculptures just below.

Tomorrow! Bay Area artist Stephanie Syjuco, on DIY cardboard furniture, and ‘participation’ in art museums…


Erwin Wurm: The trap of the truth

01.22.2009  |  By
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As the Art of Participation exhibition winds down — or ramps up to wind down and close ( Feb. 8 ) — we’ll be posting up a series of text & video of various kinds of interaction, examination, and reflection on the participatory experience at SFMOMA. Following on from last week’s investigation of How Do You Participate with an Ant Farm Media Van, we also did a set of test-cases with Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures. These sculptures present a series of objects on a platform, with text instructions and picture d... More