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Eesuu Orundide’s Exhibit “Sugar”

02.28.2010  |  By
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Eesuu Orundide Untitled Multimedia Art piece “Haiti”

I was in West Oakland yesterday at the studio of painter Eesuu Orindide. His latest body of work is titled “Sugar.” It touches on a lot of the personal, political, social and historical problems inherent in the production of sugar.

Installed in the blue room of a West Oakland Vict... More

Drawing Down Spirits: Sacred Ground Markings of Vodou in San Francisco

09.22.2009  |  By
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A Haitian visual artist named Florencia Pierre visited San Francisco this weekend and blessed the ground of a public park with her drawings. She is a priestess of the sacred practice of vodou. What may look at first glance like an outdoor scene from some rural part of Haiti actually happened in San Francisco’s Mission District Sunday, September 19th at about one O’clock in the Afternoon. That day I had the pleasure of experiencing a casually ingenious, seamlessly organic blend of dance, visual art, narrative and ritual theater in the form o... More