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The NSA Is Watching You Watching Porno

06.26.2013  |  By
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Obviously the NSA is the ultimate voyeur.
Obviously the NSA knows about every porn site you have ever looked at.
Obviously the NSA knows you sent some pretty mean and emotionally messed up e-mails to your ex-wife.
Obviously the NSA knows you check your e-mail eighty-five times a day.
Obviously the NSA knows you check Facebook 150 times a day.
Obviously the NSA knows you scan the Craigslist dating section all the time.
Obviously the NSA knows your cell phone is just a sophisticated tracking device that can also be used for phone calls and textin... More

Power and Patronage

03.27.2010  |  By
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I’m struck this week by Calvin Tompkins’s piece in the March 29 New Yorker on Julie Mehretu‘s recent commission for Goldman Sachs in NYC.

“It took me a long time—six months or so—to decide I wanted to do this,” Mehretu told the writer. Mehretu is thirty-nine, friendly, and open. “One reason was this wall, which is so cle... More