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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Occupy to the Rescue: Revenge of the Hippies: Martha Rosler at MoMA

11.21.2012  |  By
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Call it the revenge of the hippies. Many people forget that back in the 1960s the hippies were just as obsessed with corporate corruption as they were with psychedelic drugs. When people talk about hippies these days they always forget about all their experiments with alternate economic systems and all the volunteering the long-haired kids did. Man... More

Show Me the Money: An Introduction

09.20.2012  |  By
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“… One of the reasons that we as cultural producers fail to organize — or even communicate — effectively around economic issues is because we’re taught to believe that funding is a private concern, a lack of money is shameful, and payment is linked so conclusively to merit that further knowledge can’t possibly benefit, or harm, any pote... More