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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Is Ross Mirkarimi Really the Batman?

04.26.2012  |  By
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OK, I can’t resist: when did Ross Mirkarimi stop beating his wife?

Or did he beat his wife? Or is she an abuse victim too afraid to come forward, heroically rescued by her neighbor?

People want to know!!

I mean, it’s not every day that the writer of a female superhero comic book called Huntress just happens to be the neighbor of the newly elect... More

How Occupy Wall Street Mobs Attacked Bankers over the Weekend

11.08.2011  |  By
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Did you hear about the Wall Street rioting over the weekend? If you are outside of New York, you probably didn’t. For some reason there was a media blackout. Early Sunday morning people reportedly heard gunshots and explosions. Then there was talk of guns and tear gas. Police clashed with masked men. Eye witnesses even reported seeing angry mobs of people trying to kidnap what looked like bankers and Wall Street executives. Hundreds of people dressed in black were seen fighting police in the street near the Stock Exchange.

Early reports said Occupy Wall Street protesters were to blame — their camp over at Zuccotti Park is just two blocks away — and so some were confused as to what exactly started the skirmish. But surveillance footage confirmed one thing: that it was not the angry mobs at Occupy Wall Street, but actually it was a number of scenes being shot for the new Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises.