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Chainsaws at SFMOMA

10.09.2012  |  By
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A reply to an unusual inquiry received by the SFMOMA Education Department 10/7/12:

Dear Clock Smith,

Thank you for your inquiry as to what sort of chainsaws SFMOMA has in stock. Currently we have two different versions of Gordon Matta-Clark’s Splitting, both of which include the artist at work on his site-specific “building cuts,” in wh... More

Behind the OpenSpace scenes

02.07.2010  |  By
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In the spirit of transparency and beginnings, I’m going to mention a few details of the first meeting of the new cohort of Open Space writers, which took place at B bar, above YB Gardens, on a Wednesday night beginning at 7 p.m.  One of our group had just come from teaching a class in which students were presenting their completed assignment... More