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THIS WEEKEND! Bay Area Invaded by Ross Lipman’s Multiple Personas

02.27.2010  |  By
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In the many years I’ve known Ross Lipman, he’s always been up to something. Avoider of the obvious, lover of zig-zags and unexpected curlicues, the ever-present mischievous glint in the eyes of this former Bay Area film community staple  foretells inevitable trouble. Whenever I hear he’s about to make one of his parachute drops back into town, I know to rip out those days in my engagement calendar, ’cause all plans and preconceptions are about to go KABLOOEY! It’s OK by me – I like surprises, like your classic sudden cream-pie fight, or when a bomb goes off, and you’re left maniacally blinking in shock, ashen but intact, like in the cartoons I watched Saturday mornings when I was a kid… The childish prankster is very much alive in Ross, and true to form, he has many hands in multiple pots. Award-winning restorationist of independent film for the UCLA Film and Television Archive, filmmaker, and the creator of oblique quasi-narrative video... More