Happy Thanksgiving! Keyword: ‘pie’

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In a search for something pleasing from the museum’s collection to share with you all today, I typed “pie” into ArtScope. And what a nice return on my effort: 141 works came up. That’s because pie returns Pierre, and Pierrot, and pier, and pierce; along with photocopies and poppies, and more. I chose a handful of favorites I hadn’t fallen in love with before:

Joseph Raphael, _Pierre Monteux Leading Orchestra_, 1939

Richard Shaw, _Teapot_, 1973

Gerhard Richter, _Spiegel, blutrot_ (Blood Red Mirror), 1991

Charles Scowen & Co., _ Stelae at South Frontispiece of Abhayagiri Dagoba, Anuradhapura_, ca. 1875–90s

Vincent Fecteau, _Untitled_, 2005

Martin Venezky, _Notes on the West: Bang_, 1993

And there even was … a single slice of pie:

Martin Parr, _Untitled (meringue)_, from the series _British Food_, 1995

Enjoy the day, everyone!

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