A handful of the works that surface via an SFMOMA collections keyword search on “Japan”:

Hiroshi Sugimoto, _Sea of Japan, Oki V_, 1987; Collection SFMOMA © Hiroshi Sugimoto

Mikio Matsuo, _Unsui #17_ , from the series _Zen Monk Project_, 2002; Collection SFMOMA. ©Mikio Matsuo

Taishi Hirokawa, _Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc, Maki_, 1993; Collection SFMOMA ©Taishi Hirokawa

Daido Moriyama, _Untitled_, from the series _Journey into Something_, 1971; Collection of the Sack Photographic Trust © Daido Moriyama

Masahisa Fukase, _Seikan Ferry Boat_, from the series _The Solitude of Ravens_, 1976; Collection SFMOMA. ©Masahisa Fukase

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