75 Reasons to Live: Stephen Hartman on Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Stephen Hartman is a psychoanalyst. He’s also written for us here at Open Space, during our summer of Berlin Alexanderplatz. He’s talking here about Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s Untitled (Golden) (1996); contradiction; shame and ecstasy; and neutrality and disclosure in psychoanalysis. Yes, that is a wetsuit our friend is wearing. Stephen, welcome back! For a totally other take on this work: Rudolf Frieling, curator of media arts, here. More on Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

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  • I wonder what Stephen Hartman would have to say about the golden curtain hanging in the Hockney painting Shirley Goldfarb and Gregory Masurovsky? Probably something wonderful, controversial, urological.

  • Dennis Furtman says:

    Mr. Hartman appears to be a total narcissist. Why is he on here talking about about himself if the task at hand is to comment on the piece? Looks like a child who never grew up.

  • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birgnhteed my day!

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