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July 24, 2009  |  By
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Photo: Jeanne Chung

Photo: Jeanee Chung

This pretty snapshot, taken by SFMOMA visitor Jeanee Chung (and scooped  up from Flickr), shows  a portion of Damien Hirst‘s painting Pray (2003)  and, in the reflection of the glass, one corner of a gallery in our current fifth-floor contemporary exhibition, Between Art and Life, organized by Gary Garrels.  On the left side of Jeanee’s picture you can see Ernesto Neto’s My Little Castle (2005) and on the right is Jim Hodges‘s series of photographs Even Here 1-12 (2008). (Which pictures, sweetly enough, are themselves of light reflections from windows on a gallery floor.) Nice. Thanks Jeanee.


  1. Megan Wolfe Says:

    Awesome photo! Thanks for sharing; want to check out this Damien Hirst piece in person now. :)

  2. iliveheresf Says:

    That’s a great shot. And a wonderful piece…I like this one very much.

  3. eYe-Marsh Says:

    cool picture. good eye Jeanee! ——> artwork as inspiration and ground for further artwork, nice.

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