THE GIFT, Installed, Part 2

I’m obsessed with the how and where people are installing their Gerz gift portraits, and the relationships they’re having with the portraits.

The outdoor installs are great (from funderbolt):

Some are naming theirs (“She looks like an Ashley to me”):
the gift portrait

anna leah says:  I’ve had a blast with this experience. I especially loved seeing the participants walk through the street with portraits in arms. As for mine, I’ve named it “Consuelo”. I’ve had a challenging time and this face says to me, “There’s still hope for you chiquitita.” Now that’s a gift!


Plus (“installed” on Missed Connections?):

“OK, so we never met but both of our photographs were part of that exhibit at the Moma called the Gift. I went back yesterday and thought I was going to get a picture of myself (and was thinking what was I going to do with a large photo of myself) Instead they all gave us a random photo and I got yours..

If this is your photo and you want it let me know…”

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