Happy Holidays

December 24, 2008  |  By
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Martin Parr, Untitled [sundae with cherry and straw], from the series British Food 1995

We’ll be home & hearth-side the next few weeks, with stacks and stacks of all-natural, burns-cleaner-than-wood, non-petroleum-wax-chip firelogs and plenty of solstice cheer. So much to delight you going on in the galleries over the winter break, however, & the cold short days are always a sweet time for museum-going, don’t ya know? See you back here on the blog in the new New Year—-xxoo


  1. Mike Says:

    just wondering when the videos of 1 minute sculptures would be posted…

  2. Suzanne Says:

    They’ll be posted later this month! Check back in about a week! Thanks Mike!

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