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Anyone seen a bison head lying around?

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It was a tense moment in the comment box last week, but the SFMOMA blog seems to have weathered the storm. Do let us say that the museum is no stranger to criticism. There is, lingering temptingly in the archives, a story too good to keep to ourselves: the infamous mystery of the “missing” artwork donated in 1972 by the Bay Area Dadaists.

In an attempt to upstage a donation by Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson of paintings by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, the Bay Area Dadaists gave the M... More

Collection Rotation: Karla Milosevich

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[Our regular feature, “Collection Rotation“. Each month or so I invite a local guest to organize lists, groupings, or ‘exhibitions’ from our permanent collection. This is our second installment, devised by artist & curator Karla Milosevich, who includes notes about her selections along the way. Thanks Karla!]


When invited to put together a group from the collection, I thought of what a neighborhood florist once said, “Everything matches.” And the c... More

Many of you have been waiting for word

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from SFMOMA, regarding an incident in the museum last Friday. Thanks for your patience; internet time and institution time run on slightly different scales of speed. The response is here.


Pasión por Frida @ Saturday’s MAPP

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Music, dance, performance, crafts projects, art exhibitions, poetry readings, last Saturday’s Kahlo-themed MAPP free-for-all evening started with René Yañez’s: Pasión por Frida Frida Kahlo lookalike contest at Galería De la Raza, which meant the rest of the night you were running into Fridas all over the place. I admit I liked the... More

It was like this

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Photo: Jessica Whiteside

In the galleries yesterday; but at a mere 8,241 visitors we didn’t quite break last month’s Free Tues record.


It’s Tuesday.

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The Frida Kahlo was here/SFMOMA MAPP HAPPENING happened Saturday night in the Mission and was AWESOME, Frank Smigiel Public Programs Curator Person taking it to the streets we adore you. I’ll have a mini report-back and some pics up tomorrow; meanwhile some great pictures of Rene Yanez’s Kahlo lookalike audition, Violeta Luna’s performance, & other MAPP pics are cropping up on FLICKR.

In other morning news, it’s FREE TUESDAY today at the museum, notable not just because, er, Free, but because it’s a FREE TUESDAY in AUGUST during the run of the FRIDA KAHLO exhibition. Which means it’s going to be worth a run down to the museum just to see the crowds. (You still have to pay to see Frida. But it’s only $5. Instead of, um, uh…17.50.) Last Free Tuesday we broke attendance records with EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE visitors. Today we’re expecting—let me say this as accurately & professionally as possible—W... More