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Adee Roberson was born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1981, with strong familial ties to Jamaica. Her work weaves rich celestial landscapes with drum patterns, found photos, synthesizers and various percussion instruments. She has exhibited and performed her work in numerous galleries and independent venues including, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, SomArts Cultural Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, African American Cultural Center, and Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario. She is based in Oakland, CA where she co-founded Black Salt Collective.

Last July, we put out an open call, requesting “a word, phrase, or sentence for a poster that can be used by anyone, be it for a march, to tape to a window, stick in a cubicle, or hand out on the streets.” We wanted to recognize and respond to the turmoil and tensions that abound locally, nationally, globally — and to pay a kind of homage to the Bay Area’s rich history of activism.

After receiving dozens of submissions, artist Adee Roberson selected three of her favorites and made the signs you can download above. We hope they serve you well in honoring and participating with the groups and causes most important to you.


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