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Zeena Parkins is a composer and improviser: a pioneer of contemporary harp practice and performance. She has extended the language of the acoustic and electric harps, through the use of expanded playing techniques, preparations, and custom designed electronic processing.

In 2008, LACE was commissioned by Merce Cunningham Dance Studio for Experiments in the Studio and premiered at Wesbeth in NYC with ZP, John King, Fast Forward, and George Lewis as its performers.


Placing patterning in the foreground, with minimal interventions from the composer, actions are set into motion: dissolving, re-forming, and embedding the supreme joy of the groove in all its guises. Here is the loop/in a loop/in a loop, a picture of itself, within itself, mise en abyme.

Situated between an activated readymade and a sewing circle, LACE is a composition for a large group of improvisers, offering direction and guidelines for each movement; a navigation through different images of lace that can be learned quickly and performed after a few rehearsals.  Within its openness, LACE retains its identity — its self-ness.

A new movement inspired by the intricacies of Shetland Lace was recently premiered at the Counterflows Festival in Glasgow. With its pictographs, coding, and grid-based charts, the Shetland Movement explores the language used to designate stitches, and translates this coded language into musical strategies, pitch sets, and rhythmic constructions.

For best results please print on a color printer; for experiential results print on label paper.

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