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arc refers to a process rather than an author. a curve within a void which makes something momentarily visible. material elements used to investigate immaterial states. framing the space of encounter as a site of unfixed ritual and sensory research. arc work has been presented at The Lab, San Francisco Cinematheque, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Massart Film Society (Boston), NDSM Treehouse (Amsterdam), and L’ Abominable (Paris/La Courneuve), among others.

(2017 / 8 mins / silent / 16mm)

“…to be human we need to experience the end of the world.
We need to lose the world, to lose a world,
and to discover that there is more than one world
and that the world isn’t what we think it is.
Without that, we know nothing about
the mortality and immortality we carry.”

—Hélène Cixous

the luminous interval
creates a parallel light
upon extinguishing.

an internal radiation
of the elements absorbed.

image and afterimage.
the crystalline impermanence
of the phosphene.

the scratch as wound of time,
history inscribed within the image,
revealing light.

the frame as the infinite fragment of
a world hovering outside of time.
a window on to eternity.

the forces that remain
after the passage of the vessel.

the passage of matter
into fire into air into water,
returning from sky to earth
along the paths of the mountain,
the bridge between worlds.

as ocean and moon,
it is the gravity of another realm
that sets the waves in motion

please note that the video version of ascensions is intended for personal home viewing only.
for public cinematic exhibition, arrangements can be made for the loan of a 16mm film print.

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