March 09, 2021

Between breaths, between beats

A ritual.
a memorial.

time | sound | movement
ripple and collapse onto bodies
of water     of tissue       of sinew       of bone

: crucibles of potential, of possibility.

generous vestibule that holds the ebb and flow of
violence and triumph
call and response
above the undertow of unrelenting anticipation.

sunlight breaks apart
she’s showing off
scattering amoebic shapes onto surfaces
casting patterns onto glistening dark bodies

live canvases of honey-amber flesh collapsed upon flesh,
adhered with sweat we are sticky-sweet
in communion on the dancefloor            then

hovering in stillness

just before the beat

to greet nightfall at the altar of shorelines.

Let us meet there
months and years from now — months and years ago
wherever you feel safe
shining in the day            enveloped by night
your skin wrapped in heat
cooled by a breeze that hints at spring

imagine the time
when we will soon be together

Words by Amadeus Julian Regucera & Sarah Cargill, with Claudia La Rocco

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