October 18, 2016

Part 2 :: Rickey 'n Dickey

Lime Rickey International…noise…nation.

Poet James Dickey wrote “Strength of Fields” for the inauguration of Jimmy Carter in 1977.

Tell me in a voice the sea

         Would have, if it had not a better one: as it lifts,
          Hundreds of miles away, its fumbling, deep-structured roar
               Like the profound, unstoppable craving
            Of nations for their wish.
“The Clan Between Worlds: We are all the same” was written by Wonkum Mikitchia – Intrepid Eagle in 2016.
this is not liberation theater
destroy the word
we are all the same
Lime whispers Dickey…
You? I? what difference is there? We can all be saved.


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