February 16, 2016

Painting Notes (For the Chronic)

Dana DeGiulio, Painting Notes (For the Chronic), 2016

grupa o.k.: Hi Dana.

Dana DeGiulio: Hey.


If you were meeting someone for the first time, would you describe yourself as “an artist” or something else?

Something else. A painter, i guess, or an itinerant adjunct. I am not often approached. People sometimes explain that i am an artist to excuse me (alternately) for anxiety or rudeness or incredulity. (This seems to happen after i’ve left.)


What do you think of Open Space’s new lavender backdrop? We think it’s the color you would paint a “calm down” room for toddlers with personality problems. 

I am weirdly calm.


What is this picture?

Painting notes, about time and pressure. I make flower paintings. A speculative diagram for what they are after they were made, and very private until now. I wanted to be frank about where i’m coming from. How everything is a very big deal. If there is something wrong with me it is that i fail to experience shame as a lowering.


How did you start?

It’s contextual, not morphological. And i don’t know that i have started: things have been going for a long time without me, and when i find myself held i am often disgusted at being so happy.


And, is the actor happy?

You never ask is the actor happy. Someone else burned my draft card.


Artwork by Dana DeGiulio

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