November 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Hey adoring fans!

Wow, thanks for the 0.00 dollars donated to my PayPal account for the genius recording I posted on Bandcamp for free! So glad I chose this pious life of artistic whoring. I am SURE I could make more sucking “cock” — is it still called that? — more than $9.99 (CD price). Hmmm. I will think on that.

Never mind, I care not. I am too busy blogging to care about money! Anyways it’s Mother’s Day over here at DH headquarters, and I wanted to share with you all two songs from my record that I wrote — inspired by my dear departed mom. They are super sad and disturbing, as was her life. Wait…who am I talking about? Myself? Or my alter ego? I don’t know anymore! They are slowly melding into the same person…my shields are eroding, rusting and decaying like a cancer of reality. Help, please. Thx.

(btw, DH’s REAL mom is an exquisite corpse of a cheetah with with heels on [not so fast NOW, are you!], an aerobics monkey, a mannequin in a garbage dump, and Divine.)

So, for the songs, the first one is about wanting her to die. Second one is about her trying to die. Not to be a downer or anything. Anyways, have a good week!

here is a live version of “Death Wish.”  Video is an excerpt from the Dynasty Handbag bio-pic, A Dream Is Not a Life,  inspired by Beyonce’s recent doc Life Is But a Dream. 

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