League Of F.A.M.E.© current standings and final week category draw

Here are the current standings through week 3 of the League Of F.A.M.E. ©


1st – Will Brown

93 Total F.A.M.E. pts


2nd – Jackson Bollocks

77 Total F.A.M.E. pts


3rd – The Something Something Art Cliche

75.5 Total F.A.M.E. pts


4th – PRtists

75 Total F.A.M.E. pts


5th – D.U. Champs

67 Total F.A.M.E. pts


6thSwitchblade Sisters

65.5 Total F.A.M.E. pts


7th – COCO-BOB

59 Total F.A.M.E. pts


8th – Bad at Sports

32 Total F.A.M.E. pts



25 Total F.A.M.E. pts

Now, the League Of F.A.M.E.© final week’s category selection video…

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