March 05, 2010

SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary Weekend Celebration: Photos

SFMOMA turned 75 and all I got was a teal T-Shirt.

75 Reasons to Live green room. Photo by Suzanne Stein.

Kidding!  There were actually tons of events happening for SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary Weekend.  You can view the whole suite of photographs here.

75 Reasons to Live. Pamela Z, composer/sound artist on Robert Rauschenberg, Collection (formerly Untitled). Photo by James Williams

75 Reasons to Live: Stephen Hartman, psychoanalyst on Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Golden). Photo by Winni Wintermeyer

Above, Pamela Z and Stephen Hartman giving their 7.5 minute talks as part of 75 Reasons to Live.  What,  your analyst doesn’t wear a wet suit?

Allison Smith: SMITHS. Photo by James Williams

This tin wall sconce is reflecting a huge American Fancy quilt—both part of Allison Smith’s installation.

SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary Weekend Celebration: Evening Festivities. Photo by James Williams

More pictures at Flickr.

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