May 22, 2008

Collection Rotation: Scott Hewicker & Cliff Hengst

Ellsworth Kelly, La Combe III, 1951

Terry Riley: “In C”, CBS, 1968

Georgia O’Keeffe, Lake George [formerly Reflection Seascape], 1922

The Field: “From Here We Go Sublime”, from the album From Here We Go Sublime, Kompact 2007

Roberto Matta, Invasion of the Night, 1941

Sven Libaek: “Dark World” from Inner Space: The Lost Film Music of Sven Libaek, Trunk Records 1974/2006

Adrian Piper, Food For The Spirit Image # 11, 1971

Eddie Harris: “Silver Cycles” from Silver Cycles, Atlantic Records, 1968

Max Beckmann, Frau bei der Toilette mit roten und weissen Lilien (Woman at her Toilette with Red and White Lilies

Amy Winehouse: “Love is a Losing Game” from the album Back to Black, Universal, 2006

Andy Warhol, National Velvet, 1963

Lush: “De-Luxe” from the album Gala, 4AD, 1990

Susan Meiselas, Lena on the Bally Box, Essex Junction, Vermont, from the series Carnival Strippers, 1973

Edwyn Collins: “A Girl Like You” Setanta Records, 1994

Chris Johanson, Untitled (Figures With Black Shape), 2002

Flipper: “Ha Ha Ha”, from Blowin’ Chunks: Live at CBGB’s, Roir, 1984

Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960, 1960

Erykah Badu: “Telephone”, from the album New Amerykah: Part One (Fourth World War), Universal Motown, 2008

Othon Friesz, Paysage (Le Bec de l’Aigle, La Ciotat) (Landscape [The Eagle’s Beak, La Ciotat]), 1907

OMD: “Souvenir” from Architecture and Morality, Ariola 1981

Joan Mitchell, Untitled, 1960

Broadcast: “One Hour Empire” from the Pendulum EP, Warp 2003

Ilse Bing, Cureglia, Press Lugano, Folio I, Europe, 1934

Hubert Laws: “Crying Song” from Crying Song, CTI 1969

Victoria Morton, Myself When I was Real, 2002

Soulful Strings: “Inner Light” from Another Exposure, Cadet Records 1968


Linear Notes

“Amazing how a seemingly fun and easy assignment can quickly turn daunting. Since Cliff and I are both artists, record collectors and DJs, we were asked to create a playlist of songs to go along with pieces we like in the SFMOMA collection; a sort of meta-curation of sound and image if you will, or a visually suggested DJ set. Interesting idea, but where on earth to begin? We quickly realized the extensiveness of both the museum’s holdings and our own massively unorganized record collection required some intense focus.

Starting with separate trips to the 2nd and 3rd floors, we really took a good look at the permanent collection. This was the best part, because many times over the years we’ve rushed through those floors, just to see what’s new at the end (If that’s not what membership is for, you tell me). But now, task at hand, we both saw the collection with new eyes. Adding some works we found in the online archives, we each took note of our favorite pieces, which were many. Paintings and photographs were the easiest to pair with the songs and since that’s mainly what we do as artists, we stuck to those, limiting the playlist to no more than 15 choices. Not everything we wanted to include spoke to us on a musical level right away. Some never did. But a few choices came together instantly (Terry Riley with Ellsworth Kelly; Chris Johanson and Flipper), and some came after a deal of thought (Adrian Piper and Eddie Harris). Unfortunately, some choices we couldn’t use.

With respect to both song and artwork, we wanted the pairings to broaden rather than narrow the qualities of each work, but also offer an open interpretation in how each work is viewed and heard together. Yet we didn’t want to play it too safe either (what fun is that?). In the end, we were both pleased to discover how the group of artworks and set of songs played off each other on their own as an engaging mini-show or a late-night DJ set. Atmospheric, raw and beautiful.”



Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst are artists and musicians who live and work in San Francisco.

Scott’s work has been shown at Jack Hanley Gallery, Gallery 16, University Art Museum Berkeley, YBCA, ICA Philadelphia, Deitch Projects and Galleri Christina Wilson in Denmark. He plays guitar and keyboards for the bands Troll, The Alps, and Aero-Mic’d.

Cliff’s work has been shown at Ratio 3, New Langton Arts, YBCA, Gallery 16, Galleri Uta Pardun in Cologne. He is currently collaborating with curator Lawrence Rinder on an exhibition at Fluent-Collaborative in Austin, Texas, opening June 15. He plays drums and keyboards for the bands Troll and Aero-Mic’d.

Together Scott & Cliff have recently released the book, “Good Times: Bad Trips”, through Gallery 16 Editions.

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