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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Crazy for You

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Chris Burden, arranging for his friend to shoot him in the arm in 1971, then calling it art. Then arranging to be crucified on a Volkswagen, getting long steel nails hammered through his palms, again, for art.

Robert Capa, after surviving the D-Day landing at Normandy, went on to co-found Magnum with Henri Cartier Bresson only to step on a landmine... More

Third Hand Plays: The Comedy of Recursion

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Recursion is the phenomenon of an algorithmic function referring to itself within its execution. For example, if I were writing an algorithm that was to continue running until the value of x, which presently equals 10, attained the value of 0 and named this function subtract1UntilZero, I would call subtract1UntilZero — which subtracts one from x — from within the function itself until x equaled 0. Recursion can occur on linguistic levels (a common joke about recursion is the dictionary entry that says, “Recursion (n.), See, recursion“); it can also (and quite often does) occur in nature, such as in the shape of a sea shell, where the same pattern is repeated, though slightly mor... More

NOTE TO SELF: OMG! There Is No Privacy!

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Note to self: Drunk dialing is not a good idea.  Note to self: Whenever it seems like a good idea to send a sexy/funny picture of myself without a shirt – don’t do it. Note to self: When I feel angry don’t post the angry message on Facebook because, duh, people can read it. Note to self: Even if I am at the gym working out ... More

UnSEEing the Museum

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Blindfolded Docent Tour

BLINKS, 1969

On November 23rd, 1969 Vito Acconci walked down Greenwich Street in New York City holding a camera. He attempted not to blink; when he did blink he took a photograph.

On Tuesday June 8th, 2010 at 4pm, I arrived at SFMOMA. I blindfolded myself and was led through the museum by docent Dennis Treanor. Removing my e... More

1001 Words: 10.02.09

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*an ongoing series of individual images presented for speculation and scrutiny, with only tags at the bottom to give context. Because sometimes words are never enough…