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#AskaCurator Twitter chat with Corey Keller

09.18.2013  |  By
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This morning SFMOMA curator of photography Corey Keller took on crowd-submitted questions via @SFMOMA_Curator for Ask a Curator Day. Here is the transcript from the chat, which turned out to be a lot of fun. What does Corey say when asked what single work from our collection she’d save if the building were burning? Or if she’s seen any good erotic photography lately? (To read the whole chat, make sure to click “read next page” at the bottom.) Enjoy!

[View the story “Ask a Curator Day with Corey Keller, SFMOMA Curat... More

Have a question for Corey Keller, SFMOMA curator of photography?

09.17.2013  |  By
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On Wednesday, September 18, curators from museums and galleries around the world will be answering questions on Twitter for Ask a Curator Day. Here at SFMOMA, I’ll be sitting down with Corey Keller, SFMOMA curator of photography, to dive into crowd-submitted questions relating to life as a curator, the medium of photography (did you know SFMO... More

Social Media Bomb: Garbage in, Garbage Out

04.20.2013  |  By
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Has social media made us all stupid? During the Boston manhunt for the marathon bombers, the #tweeters, the Facebookers, and Reddit users spread all kinds of erroneous rumors, provided tons of false leads, and misidentified several individuals as the bombers. If that wasn’t bad enough, several mainstream media outlets ran with stories that weren’t true.

First, during the Boston manhunt, CNN’s John King breathlessly reported the bomber was a dark-skinned male who had just been arrested. Of course, that went viral immediately. U... More

Anonymous Comic Book Antiheroes Protest BART Rider Slaying

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Rule number one for BART cops: DON’T SHOOT THE PASSENGERS. Hell, you have my permission to beat the BART riders with billy clubs, handcuff them, arrest them, tase them, pepper spray them, but for God’s sake, DON’T SHOOT THEM! Everyone knows that when cops shoot you they aim at your head or your chest. Cops don’t shoot to wound or disarm, they shoot to kill. If I am wrong please enlighten me. And whatever happened to rubber bullets? If BART cops have the green light to shoot at riders, can’t they at least use rubber... More

NOTE TO SELF: OMG! There Is No Privacy!

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Note to self: Drunk dialing is not a good idea.  Note to self: Whenever it seems like a good idea to send a sexy/funny picture of myself without a shirt – don’t do it. Note to self: When I feel angry don’t post the angry message on Facebook because, duh, people can read it. Note to self: Even if I am at the gym working out ... More

One More Tweet Before I Die

02.08.2011  |  By
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No one ever thinks they will get killed for using Twitter. Or beaten for taking a photograph. Or arrested for making a video. Or for making a sign critical of the government. But apparently such things have been happening in Egypt. According to Human Rights Watch, about 300 people have been killed since the anti-government uprising began two weeks ago. It’s hard to say for sure how many have been arrested or “disappeared.” One thing is for certain, it’s an all-out technology war with one side using internet tools as a means of expressio... More

FYI: The Revolution Has Just Been Tweeted

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Twitter began as a revolutionary social networking tool for the over-caffeinated, but now it can genuinely claim to have started a real revolution. Over the weekend numerous accounts have emerged detailing how the text-based microblogging service allowed Egyptian protesters to connect with one another and organize. Their goal was ambitious by any standard: to challenge a 30-year-old dictatorship by orchestrating massive nonviolent demonstrations. It also must have been quite a shock to Americans who are constantly bombarded with images of Musli... More

Elevators, Americans, Missed Connections

08.21.2009  |  By
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[Ian Padgham, our marketing and communications assistant, with a fantastic story about the elevator girl in Robert Frank’s famous photo…and do come down if you’ve yet to see Looking In: Robert Frank’s “The Americans”— it closes Sunday.]

“Robert Frank, Swiss, unobtrusive, nice, with that little camera that... More