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Maureen Burdock Reviews CJM Exhibition “Kehinde Wiley, The World Stage: Israel”

03.13.2013  |  By
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Maureen Burdock produced this review of  the exhibition “Kehinde Wiley, The World State,” organized by the Contemporary Jewish Museum, in the context of my Dual-Degree Seminar at California College of the Arts. I invited her to share it with the readers of OPEN SPACE.

Maureen Burdock
On a grey morning run recently, a house jumped out at me. I was startled by its impertinent peacock blueness and its egg yoke yellow window trim. How wonderful! In a sea of sameness, this house had some chutzpah! I was proud of this house for d... More

What We Leave Behind: New narratives in a queer archive

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As the first artist-in-residence at the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society, EG Crichton adopted the role of a matchmaker of sorts.  After spending hours researching in the archives she had the idea to personally match a living person with a dead person’s archive, extending a unique invitation to ten people to create a response to the experience of exploring a stranger’s life through what they have left behind.  Crichton’s matchmaking was largely intuitive and sometimes inspired by shared demographics. The results of this matchmaking is a dynamic and comprehensive exhibition entitled Lineage: Matchmaking in the Archive that includes both the contents of the archive itself, as well the creative responses to them. The exhibition features visual artists, musicians, poets, and performers including  Elliot Anderson, Dominika Bednarska, Troy Boyd, Luciano Chessa, Crow Cianciola, Lauren Crux, Bill Domonkos, Tirza Latimer, Maya Manvi, Camille Norton, Gabriella Ripley-Phi... More