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75 Reasons to Live: Rebecca Solnit on Jay DeFeo

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San Francisco-based writer Rebecca Solnit‘s forthcoming book Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas reimagines traditional map-making in 22 inventive maps, 7 of which SFMOMA is issuing this year in broadside copies linked to a series of Live Art events. The second program of the series is this weekend. Rebecca speaks here about what it meant, e... More

Veronica p.s.

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This morning I received an interesting note from Julian Myers concerning the name Veronica:

My dictionary tells me that the name, Veronica, is from Greek: pherein nike (she who brings victory), which leads me instantly here:

This puts an exciting new spin on DeFeo’s painting—and Nike’s transhuman wings are so perfect for the way I was seeing The Veronica.

In my (over)researching for this post, I came across various meanings for “veronica.” A spiky blue flower. A bullfighting maneuver in which the sweep of the bullfighter’s... More

The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

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In March I went to a party in honor of curator Raimundas Malasauskas’ brief visit to San Francisco. It was held in a two-story condo the Kadist Art Foundation provides for visiting artists—on Bryant near 6th, a dismal neighborhood, but you can imagine how much the thing cost. As chic, gorgeous Europeans and South Americans strolled between the kitchen area and the outdoors balcony to smoke, I stood near the dining room table with Kevin, feeling all stiff and squeaky American. I was delighted when my party buddy, art historian Julian Myers came up to us. The first thing Julian said to me was, “I haven’t read your blog posts.” “That’s okay,” I said. “That’s okay?” h... More