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Golden Gate Bridge Tribute

Seventies Action: Bridge Cameos

05.27.2012  |  By
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Anticipating the arrival of the museum blockbuster exhibition King Tut (1979), Richard Kamler envisioned a grand procession of three straw pyramids which would sail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and briefly rest on the ruins of the Sutro Baths, before being redistributed to local farms for mulch. I thought of Kamler’s unrealized proposal when... More

Jim Pomeroy – Viewing the Museum: The Tale Wagging the Dog

10.05.2009  |  By
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Thirty years ago this fall the artist Jim Pomeroy and SFMOMA curator Suzanne Foley were corresponding about his proposal to include his text “Viewing the Museum: The Tale Wagging the Dog” in her survey of 1970s Bay Area conceptual and performance practices, Space/Time/Sound.  In light of recent discussions on Open Space about the New Langton Arts crisis and the role of nonprofit arts organizations, Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator of Media Arts, here revisits Pomeroy’s analysis of modern art museums vs. artists’ spaces. Wonderfully, we ... More