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Diary of a Crazy Artist: 2014 Is YOUR Year of Getting Things Done

01.03.2014  |  By
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Sick of hearing everyone talk about what they are going to do?

Me too.

That’s because now, more than ever, talk is cheap and what artists really need is support.

For the new year, I put together this list of helpful hints, carefully selected, or you could say curated for you — places for artists to get jobs, places to get grants, things li... More

Diary of a Crazy Artist

01.25.2012  |  By
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Once upon a time artists mostly produced art. These days, however, artists are supposed to put on shows; curate shows; deal with media, with marketing, with galleries (and with gallerists!), with designing their own websites, with photographing their work, with not dressing like a slob, with paying rent for both their apartment and their studio; bu... More