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Mother’s Day

11.12.2013  |  By
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Hey adoring fans!

Wow, thanks for the 0.00 dollars donated to my PayPal account for the genius recording I posted on Bandcamp for free! So glad I chose this pious life of artistic whoring. I am SURE I could make more sucking “cock” — is it still called that? — more than $9.99 (CD price). Hmmm. I will think on that.

Never mind, I care not. I am too busy blogging to care about money! Anyways it’s Mother’s Day over here at DH headquarters, and I wanted to share with you all two songs from my record that I wrote — ins... More

On “Riot Show”

11.30.2010  |  By
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On Thursday, December 2, at 7 p.m.,  Joanna Szupinska and I will host a screening and discussion of “Riot Show,”  my archive of recordings of crowd violence at rock concerts, in the Koret Visitor Education Center at SFMOMA. Looking forward to that event, Joanna and I talked through the origins and various forms of the project over the years, ... More