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Off Label at SF International Film Festival

05.04.2012  |  By
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This week Off Label, the second feature-length documentary of former homeboys Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri, had its West Coast premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The film’s title refers to the legal practice of prescribing pharmaceuticals for a use not approved by the FDA, such as prescribing antidepressants that caus... More

Talking Restraint

05.10.2011  |  By
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Five hundred people showed up on April 30 to hear Matthew Barney receive a film-related award, talk, and screen the 30-minute Drawing Restraint 17 during the San Francisco International Film Festival. The show was sold out.

I got the gig, at Barney’s request, to conduct the onstage interview. I was honored, though I knew through experience that I... More

SFIFF52: Stay Until the End, Please

05.04.2009  |  By
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Ever since my wife, Megan, and I received complimentary all-access CineVisa passes to the 1999 San Francisco International Film Festival (a client of the design studio for whom I was working at the time), we’ve gone every year, sometimes clocking up to 20 films if we’re feeling brazen (and caffeinated) enough. We have a cute little ritu... More