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New York Just Elected a Museum Director to the City Council

09.11.2013  |  By

Watch out — New York just elected a powerful museum director to their City Council.

Not only that, but she beat out her closest rival, Ede Fox, by nearly ten points. Although the New York Times had endorsed Fox, a former top aide to City Council Member Jumaane Williams, the Times also called Cumbo “an impressive cultural leader.”

Despite her arts background, she is hardly a newcomer. In the late 1990s Cumbo was an NYU grad student when she decided to turn her thesis project into a full-fledged museum. It became the Museum of Conte... More

How to Be Invisible Online (for Artists)

08.07.2013  |  By
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Because artists tend to express unpopular political views they get lumped in with witches, heavy metal musicians, Communists, terrorists, satanists, or whatever seems to be warping the minds of our youth at the moment. Think of Ai Weiwei, Henry Miller, William S. Burroughs, Jim Morrison, The Dead Kennedys, The Dixie Chicks, Andres Serrano, N.W.A., ... More

Diary of a Crazy Artist: I am Only in Control of Vegetables

04.03.2012  |  By
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When I think of art, I think of language. When I think of language, I think of control. When I think of control and language, I think of how much humans need to feel they have control over their lives or they will go insane. When I think of insane, I think of cooking. If I cook something good, I feel in control – even if I am only in control... More

Do These Images Really Threaten the Very Fabric of Our Society, Corrupt our Children and Poison the Well of Moral Goodness we All Live by?

03.04.2011  |  By
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While poets and writers may wonder if anyone pays attention to their words, nobody can deny the power of images.

Just ask the religious right. They are, after all, the ones who object the loudest, push the hardest, punish the harshest, and pray the loudest. More than anyone, they know the value of symbols, signs and metaphors. Lest we forget – th... More