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From the Open Space Archives: Unicorns

10.25.2013  |  By

From the Open Space Archives is a thematic digest of content culled from the last five years of posts on Open Space.

Are unicorns real? Truth lies somewhere in between words and images. These posts explore the space between meaning and representation, fiction and reality.

That is because the images project onto imaginative space, and the light that shines behind them is the infinitude of language. Anne Lesley Selcer’s “Language to Be Loved At” –>

To see the unseeable is glorious... More

$1000 Travel Grant For A Bay Area Artist

04.08.2010  |  By
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I’ve been thinking about Renny Pritikin’s post from February about artists leaving (or not), in relation to the inadequate travel funding available to artists in the US. Unlike most first-world countries we don’t have a cultural agency at the state or federal level that funds artists’ travel. I have an untested theory that if Bay Area artists had support for mobility that they would be more likely to stay. While the last sentence may sound counter-intuitive, I think one reason artists leave is the relative isolation of the Bay Area in relation to the art centers. More to the point, It appears that most of the artists who have stayed are those who have been able to develop projects and find exhibition opportunities outside of the Bay Area.

In 2007, as part of the Collective Foundation exhibition at YBCA, I produced three alternative approaches to grant-making that didn’t involve non-profit fundraising nor selling artworks. This third option involved identif... More

The Pickpocket Almanack: Season Two

02.10.2010  |  By
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After a recent sit-down with one of the new faculty for season two of  Pickpocket Almanack, I was reminded how useful it can be to air some of the key ideas behind the program— the constellation of forces that led to its inception. But first, and for the benefit of anyone learning about this for the first time, I’ll briefly explain how Pic... More

Please welcome! Our newest columnists on Open Space

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I’m tremendously pleased this morning to welcome our latest cohort of columnist-bloggers to Open Space, as they begin to get started this week:

Renny Pritikin was director of New Langton Arts for more than a decade, chief curator at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and is currently director and curator of the Nelson Gallery and Fine Art Collection at UC Davis. He’s written a zillion catalogue essays, and is also a poet.

Dodie Bellamy is a novelist, essayist, poet, and teacher. Without giving too much away, I’ll say Dodie will be writing Open Space’s first long-form commission…

Anne Walsh is a visual artist who works with video, performance, audio, photography and text, and she’s already started! with two posts just below this one.

Many of our readers I know are already fans of the great Brecht Andersch, filmmaker and SFMOMA projectionist, who’s been writing about film here at Open Space intermittently since the get-go.

Last, and not even metaph... More

Four Dialogues 1: On ‘The Port Huron Statement and the Origin of Artists’ Organizations’

08.25.2009  |  By
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During the New Langton Arts debate a few weeks ago, Renny Pritikin, who with his wife Judy Moran directed the organization in its first decade and more, mentioned to me an essay he’d written that elaborated some of the early ideas behind the institution. I asked him to send it my way, and a week later it arrived by mail. Called “The Port Huron Statement and the Origin of Artists’ Organizations,” the essay connects the student movements of the 1960s in particular,  ideas of participatory democracy espoused by the Students for a Democratic Society in 1962 with the impulses and modes that defined Langton’s founding and first decade. You can find the original essay here; what follows below is a dialogue about the essay in retrospect. Renny is Director of the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and the Fine Arts Collection at the University of California, Davis.

JM: So, thanks again for this document. It’s interesting, and I think the reading you put fo... More

New Langton Arts In Crisis

07.29.2009  |  By
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One of the country’s longest-running nonprofit arts centers has just announced that its “continued existence is in serious financial jeopardy.” While dispiriting announcements like this are common enough during the current economic recession, this loss promises to be particularly devastating. Founded in 1974, the organization has been a center of the San Francisco arts scene for the last three decades and more; it has served in that time as a vital laboratory for conceptual art, poetry, installation and performance – whi... More