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Happenstand Stats: Days of the Week (or Scheduling Your Next Event)

12.12.2010  |  By
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For the past year and a half I’ve been batch contributing listings for one-time events such as lectures, screenings, and workshops to These events are compiled at the outset of each season for the Pickpocket Almanack’s master calendar, the jumping off point for the 5 faculty who select events from across the Bay Area to construct courses. In the process I became curious about some of the statistics that might be available through mining the Happenstand database, the best visual arts calendar in the Bay Area.

In conv... More

Pickpocket Almanack & The Public School

09.22.2010  |  By
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On the occasion of Pickpocket Almanack’s Fall Season, an email exchange between Joseph del Pesco and Sean Dockray just prior to a public conversation at Bétonsalon in Paris, France, about the Pickpocket Almanack and The Public School.

PA = Pickpocket Almanack
TPS = The Public School

Sean Dockray: Mainly I’ve been trying to think about how the projects could weave into each other a bit, instead of being like Coke and Pepsi; but how our thoughts and the projects could cohere and illustrate the world around, how they can remain distinct... More

The Pickpocket Almanack: Season Two

02.10.2010  |  By
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After a recent sit-down with one of the new faculty for season two of  Pickpocket Almanack, I was reminded how useful it can be to air some of the key ideas behind the program— the constellation of forces that led to its inception. But first, and for the benefit of anyone learning about this for the first time, I’ll briefly explain how Pic... More

Floating School – Paul Kagawa, 1976

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While investigating various histories relevant to the Pickpocket Almanack program, Renny Pritikin pointed me to a rare publication surveying SFAI’s brave departure from business as usual, organized by Tom Marioni. It was a year-long series of weekly projects called The Annual or Annual Space. The series involved institutional partnerships and off-site locations including two events at SFMOMA.