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The Sketch Artist: Paul Clipson’s REEL

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Judy Bloch on movie love masquerading as obsessive duty in REEL, a book from filmmaker, and longtime SFMOMA projectionist, Paul Clipson.

The tiny 35mm film frame (twenty-four pass by per second), in its singularity, evokes all of the big screen’s satisfying fullness. No small screen (say, television or computer) can hope to equal this lovely, fr... More

Kentucky-Fried Art

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Commodified Cinema: Art, Advertising, and Commodities in Film, plays at noon on December 6 as the free Tuesday program. Museum and program admission are free.

Some years ago, I tipsily cornered Peter Kubelka at a small gathering being held in his honor. Here was my opportunity to grill him regarding his stunning Schwechater, surely the greatest one... More

Tonight in the Wattis! – Paul Clipson presents THE ELEMENTS

09.30.2010  |  By
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Tonight @ 7 p.m., Paul Clipson presents an extensive show of his work in Super-8 and 16mm in SFMOMA’s Phyllis Wattis Theater:

In previous posts I’ve waxed eloquent thusly:

“Experimental filmmaker Paul Clipson, who modifies the Dionysian-Romantic vision and cinematic practice of Stan Brakhage and Bruce Baillie by a remote, Apollonian, graphic... More

Thursday Night! Paul Clipson and Adam Heavenrich’s Super-8 BUCKY Cycle Performed Live!

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The BUCKY Cycle plays this Thurs @7p.m. on a program including other film and video works by Nancy Holt, Robert Smithson, Reece Camp Carter, and Robert Morris in SFMOMA’s Phyllis Wattis Theater.

Surely every San Franciscan’s been there a hundred thousand or so times. You’ve stepped out of your apartment, walked a pace or two to th... More

Stop the Presses! – Paul Clipson’s BUCKYS to Be Shown As Live Super-8 Performances Tonight!

05.27.2010  |  By
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One-man army Paul Clipson, stemming the tide of digital madness, is currently editing the first two BUCKYS to show in Super-8 tonight! Scheduled to be shown on video, the celebrated experimental celluloid filmmaker “just couldn’t take it anymore”, and sat down to the editing table to create true celluloid works of pieces original... More

Struck Dumb by BRUCE CONNER: A Reminiscence

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Seeing Apsara DiQuinzio’s recent incredible post on Bruce Conner’s LOOKING GLASS (and other works) partially inspired the following recollections:

I first encountered BRUCE CONNER on a visit to the 90′s Dogpatch incarnation of Canyon Cinema. I was tagging along with my good friend, filmmaker Timoleon Wilkins, who had many legitimate reasons to be there, all of which provided me cover for the purposes of scoping out the facilities of this legendary distributor of truly independent cinema. Following Tim into the darkened chamber, I was forced to halt suddenly when a strange, yet friendly-seeming, wizened fellow approached Tim bearing a jar packed with a mysterious, dark substance. After a minute of conversation between my friend and this likely wizard, during which Tim kept referring to him as “Bruce”, it began to dawn on me (BRUCE?!!) — yes, this must be BRUCE CONNER. The proffered jar was a container of sugar-free jam someone had given him as a pres... More

THIS WEEK! Scott MacDonald program 2, Ozu + Judith Rosenberg & S.F. Cinematheque’s Weekend of Live Cinema

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Just a quick note to appraise all and sundry of at least a portion of the cream of this week’s Bay Area rep film offerings:  This Thurs (that is, Tonight) graces us with the second program of Scott MacDonald’s 3-part contribution to 75 Years in the Dark:  A Partial History of Film at SFMOMA: Some American Experiments. This rather underwhelming title masks an over-stuffed sausage of a program composed of excitingly disparate parts, including early animation classics like Winsor McCay’s Gertie the Dinosaur (1914), and the Ub Iwerks/Disney Steamboat Willie (1928), as well as major Avant-Garde classics such as Man Ray’s Le retour à la raison and Maya Daren’s Ritual in Tranfigured Time. Great as these all are, I’m especially anxious to see Frank Stauffacher (mastermind of the museum’s legendary Art in Cinema series)’s incredibly rare Zig-Zag, and The Bells of Atlantis by Ian Hugo (one-time husband of Anïs Nin, who was incarnated by Richard... More

A Dangerous Spectre Lurks Amongst Us: Paul Clipson presents Subversive Documentaries

08.28.2009  |  By
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[This Sept 1 is Free Tuesday (first Tues of the month = FREE) & for the special noontime program, experimental filmmaker (and SFMOMA’s own head projectionist) Paul Clipson screens high-art takes on low subjects.]

Have SFMOMA’s gatekeepers taken leave of their senses? Inviting subversion into any institution portends a slippery slop... More