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Judy Must Live! Notes Before and After Seeing VERTIGO in IB Technicolor

03.18.2013  |  By
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Since I first saw Vertigo at the age of 17 at the Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto, it’s been a fantasy of mine to see it in its original imbibition Technicolor format. Unquestionably the greatest 35mm color motion-picture format ever created — due to its dye-transfer process, which produced prints known for their fantastically beaut... More

A Tribute

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The San Francisco International Film Festival and Pacific Film Archive’s film series became one of the most awaited events of the year for the Iranian American community in the Bay Area in the ’90s. Having lived through the absence of reports from Iran except for the state-controlled, sanctioned news, we were eager to find ways of rec... More

In Search of Christopher Maclaine 3: The THE END Tour – A Work in Progress 2: WALTER A

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This is the third in a multipart series unofficially conjoined to the publication of Radical Light: Alternative Film & Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000, and the accompanying film series currently being presented by the Pacific Film Archive and San Francisco Cinematheque (in partnership with SFMOMA). This Wednesday even... More

THIS WEEKEND! Bay Area Invaded by Ross Lipman’s Multiple Personas

02.27.2010  |  By
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In the many years I’ve known Ross Lipman, he’s always been up to something. Avoider of the obvious, lover of zig-zags and unexpected curlicues, the ever-present mischievous glint in the eyes of this former Bay Area film community staple  foretells inevitable trouble. Whenever I hear he’s about to make one of his parachute drops back into town, I know to rip out those days in my engagement calendar, ’cause all plans and preconceptions are about to go KABLOOEY! It’s OK by me – I like surprises, like your classic sudden cream-pie fight, or when a bomb goes off, and you’re left maniacally blinking in shock, ashen but intact, like in the cartoons I watched Saturday mornings when I was a kid… The childish prankster is very much alive in Ross, and true to form, he has many hands in multiple pots. Award-winning restorationist of independent film for the UCLA Film and Television Archive, filmmaker, and the creator of oblique quasi-narrative video... More

THIS WEEK! Scott MacDonald program 2, Ozu + Judith Rosenberg & S.F. Cinematheque’s Weekend of Live Cinema

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Just a quick note to appraise all and sundry of at least a portion of the cream of this week’s Bay Area rep film offerings:  This Thurs (that is, Tonight) graces us with the second program of Scott MacDonald’s 3-part contribution to 75 Years in the Dark:  A Partial History of Film at SFMOMA: Some American Experiments. This rather underwhelming title masks an over-stuffed sausage of a program composed of excitingly disparate parts, including early animation classics like Winsor McCay’s Gertie the Dinosaur (1914), and the Ub Iwerks/Disney Steamboat Willie (1928), as well as major Avant-Garde classics such as Man Ray’s Le retour à la raison and Maya Daren’s Ritual in Tranfigured Time. Great as these all are, I’m especially anxious to see Frank Stauffacher (mastermind of the museum’s legendary Art in Cinema series)’s incredibly rare Zig-Zag, and The Bells of Atlantis by Ian Hugo (one-time husband of Anïs Nin, who was incarnated by Richard... More