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Endless Love: Accursed Film 1

08.17.2010  |  By
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This is the first in a two-part series on a screening of Franco Zeffirelli’s Endless Love to be presented by the Film on Film Foundation on Sunday, August 22nd at 4 p.m. at the Pacific Film Archive.  Disclosure: this is a presentation in which I’m personally involved.  Consider yourself warned and invited! Click here for more informat... More

Five Questions: John Davis

05.17.2010  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA artists, staff, or guests.  John Davis is an artist and filmmaker who lives in the Napa valley. John’s film Mark You Make Believe My Dear, Yes is currently on view at the museum as part of the Long Play: Bruce Conner and the Singles Collection exhibition. SFMOMA is also lucky to have John on-call as  projectionist,... More

Lessons of Darkness: Jacques Tourneur’s The Leopard Man

02.21.2010  |  By
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It’s axiomatic that people go to Hollywood movies in search of unsubtle thrills. The last three decades have seen the stripping away of the grace and mystery previously characterizing American commercial filmmaking at its best. The false gods Television and Internet bestride the ruins of that pagan temple complex from which once issued a stupendous, all-consuming body of work, a 20th C. Renaissance every bit the equal of the first. Instead, we are now treated to an Orgy of the Obvious, in de-sacralized space, by which our emotions are less manipulated than informed of their proper deportment, and in which every character, rather than being as guarded as necessary for survival in daily existence, reveals him or herself an open book, a puppy panting for comprehension and acceptance. Works bearing the influence of the more hifalutin’ corners of academic postmodernism often reveal a sub-variant weakness: characters as paper-doll cut-outs, programmed by social forces, cast adrif... More